Beyond Kathmandu Sightseeing

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    Buddha was born in Lumbini

    Beyond Kathmandu Sightseeing

    – Manakamana is about 100km from Kathmandu on the way to Pokhara and Chitawan. There is a temple of Manakamana Devi (The Goddess of wishes fulfiling), who fulfills the prayers’ wish. After three hours drive to Krintar a 10 minutes cable car ride over the mighty Trisuli River takes to reach the temple. It is located on a hill that overlooks the Trisuli basin and the hill settlements. Manakamana visit can be made a part of Pokhara or Chitawan trip.

    – Gorkha is the Historic place of Nepal from where the late great king Prithivi Narayan Shah had unified Nepal in one country under one roof. The Gorkha Durbar, the royal palace of the late the great king is the best site to observe and experience the 300-year-old administrative system of Nepal.
    Gorkha is the gateway to Manaslu trek and expedition.

    – Lumbini is holly shrine for Buddhist as well as Hindus. Shiddhartha, prince of Kapilbastu later Shakyamuni Buddha and today Gautam Buddha was born at Lumbini 2600 years ago. Mayadevi, mother of Gautam Buddha gave birth him on the way to her maternal home. His father wanted him to become a great emperor but on the contrary prince Shiddhartha left the palace at midnight and disappear in the search of peace. On a full moon night in Bodhgaya he had a direct realization of Nirvana and eternal peace. Then the mortal prince transformed into Buddha. Buddha is called the light of Asia and the prophet of Buddhism in the world. He traveled the world preaching Buddhism. Today Buddhism has become the main religion of millions of people.
    Lumbini the only one holly place to all Buddhists is in Nepal . The popular sites in Lumbini garden are a Ashoka pillar built by the emperor Ashoka in 250BC, Mayadevi temple, pool where Lord Gautam Buddha had his first bath and many other ancient sites.

    According to the master plan prepared by a Japanese architect Kenzo Tange Lumbini, now is being developed as a Buddhist pilgrimage site by Lumbini development trust, The Lumbini village is being developed as a tourist residential village with all facilities. There are different stupas and Gompas developed by different countries like China , Japan , Thailand , Srilanka , Korea , Burma and others. Lumbini is not only a holly land but also a peace land too where you can have peace in its true meaning.

    Royal Chitawan National Park :
    – Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in term of wild life and vegetations. There are 14 National parks expanding from the low land of 100m. to 8848m above the sea level. Citawan national park is one of the richest national park in the world in vegetation and wildlife.
    In early days it was a hunting reserve of the then rulers the Ranas. Later government declared it as a protected area under the name of Royal Chitawan National Park . The attractions of the park are royal Bengal tiger, one horned rhino, migrated and local birds, elephants, and many more wild animals.
    Roaming around the National park on the elephant back is the most exciting moment. Inside the park and outside there are luxurious hotels and restaurants.
    The excess is easy and comfortable by both air and surface.

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