Condition of sale

  • 1 – Registration

    register to one of our treks or stays implies acceptance of our general conditions of sale. Your registration will be taken into account only on receipt of your registration form accompanied by a deposit of 10%.
    The balance must be paid one month before the beginning of the stay.
    The non-payment of the balance may result in automatic cancellation of the registration.

    2 – Treks. Stays. Travel “custom”.

    A detailed description day by day you will be sent. Conditions and prices are those indicated on the document. Your confirmation indicates that you accept all clauses proposed final description.

    3 – Cancellation :

    Any cancellation of your share of the cost of cancellation will be retained by Randonnee Nepal Treks
    – trek without air transport: package of 50 € per person
    – trek including internal air transport: package 90 € per person
    For your money you will be reimbursed in the event of justified cancellation. However, the amount of the registration fee only you will not be refunded.
    Of lessens the appointment, or if you cannot present the police or health documents required for the trip (passport, visa, vaccination certificate), you will be entitled to any refund.

    4 – The price :

    The price you need to adjust per person is shown on documentation/descriptive addressed to you and that you have accepted by sending your confirmation of trek and your indications of arrival. they may not be cause by any of the parties.

    5 – Mode of payments :

    Payment by Credit cards
    Visa and Master cards are widely accepted in Nepal. So they are our preferred credit cards . American express, JCB and other major credit cards are also accepted but at times they are less convenient.Note that you are supposed to pay the bank charges (3.5% in Nepal) while making payments by credit cards.
    Cash and Travellers Cheques
    While in Nepal, you can also pay us with cash as well as Travellers cheques. As for cash we can accept US dollar , UK Pounds, Japanese Yen, Euro and few other currencies that are accepted by our central bank.

    6 – Interruption:

    Interruption of residence due to participant (incompatibility with level or nature of hiking for example) may give rise to any reimbursement.

    7 – If walking is cancelled our fact

    as a result of conditions involving the safety of participants or by force majeure, it will be proposed to you in most cases one (or several) replacement formula.

    Informations bancaires :
    Nom du compte : Randonnee Nepal Treks Pvt.Ltd.
    Numéro du compte 00204264230017
    Nom de la banque : Himalayan Bank Ltd.
    Adresse de la banque : Maharajgunj, Branch, Kathmandu, Népal

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