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  • Katmandu Airport

    Katmandu Airport

    It borders with the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China in the North and India in the East, South and West respectively.

    AREA : 148 000 km2.

    ALTITUDE : Varies from 70 meters to 8848 meters.

    CAPITAL : Kathmandu.

    POPULATION : 25 millions

    Nepali is the national language of Nepal. Educated people understand and speak English as well.

    TIME :
    France + 3H45 in Summer, +4 H 45 in Winter.

    CLIMAT :
    October and November are par excellence the months of predilection: the sky east releases, the superb light and it is also the time of the festivals hindouists which gather the families: Dasain and Tihar.

    December, January, February are favourable with the basic excursions altitude and visits in the valley of Katmandou : 0 degrees the night, 20 degrees the day.
    February : new year Tibetan, in particular in Bodanath and Shivaratri: vast meeting of sadhus with Pashupatinath

    March, April : the rhododendrons (which are large trees in Nepal), with white, red and pink flowers burst in mountain. Time is dry, it is after the autumn a good period for the trekking.

    From May to June : pre monsoon: possible rain.

    From July to September : monsoon: We advise you Laddak, Bhutan, Tibet.

    Nepal is populated very many ethnos groups with the relatively marked characteristics: Newar of the valley of Katmandu, Gurung, Tamang, Chetri, Takali, Sherpa, etc.
    Approximately 80% of the population are a hindouist
    Approximately 20% Buddhist, in particular Sherpas of the area of the Everest and Langtang.
    In addition, one often meets a mixture of the one and the other religion, tinted shamanism.

    The rupee :
    1 Euro: approximately 93 rupees.
    It is easy to divide a Nepalese price by 100 to convert into euros.
    You can leave with euros, dollars, travelers-accounts – cheques or a credit cart (distributors only at Katmandu and Pokhara).
    Important services (treks, plane tickets are payable in euros or dollars).

    Easiest is to take your visa has the arrival with the airport of Katmandou: 30 dollars, or 25 euros for 60 days; to provide itself with a photograph.
    No direct flight Paris Katmandou.
    Currently, Quatar and GULF Air (with stopover in the Arab emirates) are well placed on the tariff level.
    The flights intern are easy: Pokhara – Jomoson/area of Annapurna – Lukla/area of the Everest – Nepalganj, Juphal/Dolpo, etc
    NR B : Your passport must be valid still 6 months after your date of return.
    Knowing that we will accomodate you with the airport with chains of flowers and taxi: no concern for you, travel serene.
    For further information, consult the guides. Lonely Planet – Routard – Le Petit Fute, etc…

    The guides, carriers, cooks are ensured by the Agency.
    As for you, be careful, your insurance repatriation, contracted with your plane ticket undoubtedly does not include the mountain-rescue . To take in France near organizations like Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre or the Club Alpin Français

    TIP :
    It is usual to give a tip to the team which accompanied you.

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