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    ARTreknepal handles tents (space for two people), foam mattress, all equipment for cooking for our team trek and camping.

    – A 80-90 litre good quality travel bag for contain business at carry-up type “freezer”
    – A bag to wear around the neck or (anti-theft) belt
    – A (30 to 45 litres) backpack frame fitted with a ventral belt and flexible bags / plastic bags contain: food of the day, the gourd, warm clothing, the camera, the twin
    – A very hot down (-5 degree-15 degree) + cloth bag-trek with a very good footing and a good ankle shoes. Shoes must be of very good quality, they are the guarantee of the success of your trek and a security feature that should not be neglected.
    -Ski/telescopic walking
    – sticks light shoes for step and/or a pair of jogging
    – socks (cool type max) 3 pairs
    – with shorts or convertible pants or an or comfortable pants for walking.
    – Warm tights (top-) A tracksuit or a casual to evening attire.
    – A large pull and a polar fur.
    – CAP, gloves, scarves, mittens – from t-shirts and a shirt long sleeves
    – A waterproof windproof jacket (gortex)
    – Cap or better a hat for Sun
    – A Swimsuit (practice at night to the washroom at the edge of the torrent)
    – A pair of sunglasses (high protection) + 1 pair of alternatives in the bag.
    – A water bottle (minimum 1 litre) – aluminium it will serve as a bottle for the evening
    – A headlamp. + battery + bulbs replacement
    – A toilet Kit.
    – Copy of your passport and your airline ticket.
    Small equipment :
    Like opinel, sewing + button and wire. A high sun protection cream + protection for lips, paper toilet, laundry biodegradable.
    Personal pharmacy :
    Consult your doctor first.

    Biafine (to burn) Elastoplaste, dressings, double skin (type Compeed), BRA and disinfectant, pomade healing, broad-spectrum antibiotic (8 days of treatment) antidiarrheal (intétrix, immodium, ercéfuryl), anodyne, aspirin, paracetamol, drops, ointment anti – inflammatory, disinfectant pellets (hydroclonazone-micropur) coramine glucose.
    – We recommend taking Diamox, which is a mild diuretic and facilitates acclimatization of elevation, take from France, one tablet in the morning.
    -Very light if you are having problems sleep sleeping pill (altitude it sleeps poorly) Stilnox for example.

    – 1 Hot-20 ° – 25 °, down sleeping bags
    – Bag “meat” 1.
    – jacket down 1 or equivalent hot 1
    – Travel bags around 80-100 litres.
    – A small backpack 40 l – 50 l for the trek
    – Mountain shoes 1 pair
    – Very hot shoe with rigid outsole for spikes 1
    – Socks mountain 2 pairs thick and 2 fine.
    – Lightweight trousers for the trek part and typed pants mountain 2
    – Under 2 body thermal clothing
    – Fleece jacket 1 type
    – Gore-tex jacket with hood pants 1
    – CAP more CAP and scarf, glasses 1 pair protection 4 plus 1 in relief.
    – Gloves pair 2, basketball 1, very useful Crocs metal crampons, ice axe, harness,
    – 2 ice 2 carabiners self-closing, cord, helmet, safety pin
    – Front, a survival blanket, jumar descender.
    – Sticks, thermo, toilet-bars, Special knife

    – Sac sleeping down 1 or 1 AC. -45 ° – 55 °, 1 cover survival, 1 mattress insulating ground for mountaineering, heaters 6 feet and hands
    – 1 bag travel 80-100 litre bag meat, 1 backpack 60-80 litres during climb.
    – 1 pair of shoes shipping with Slipper Socks mountain 2 pairs under clothing and polar body for top and bottom,
    – 1 Gore-tex pants and 1 jacket, pants for trek and 1 pants for shipment, 1
    – 1 jacket with hood for expedition down more than 7000m – 8000 m,
    – Mask, bonnet, bandana-wearing glasses, head-on, gloves 4 pairs under glove 2 pairs, basketball,
    – 1 technical ice axe, harness, helmet, pin 1 jumar, 1 descender, 2 slings,
    – 3 carabiners, 2 pairs of spikes, boots boots shipping, sticks,
    – Thermo 1 and 1 bottle, bottle of water for mountaineering, 1 stove, 1 lighter
    – 1 knife, 3 bags garbage, cream solar, toilet Kit, personal medicines altitude.

    – This high altitude region is very stressful for the body. Acclimatation is sometimes painful, lack of sleep, appetite and headaches.
    – It is very cold in the Everest region, thank you to plan your equipment accordingly.
    – In high season the area is frequented on. There are many people and accommodation and meals may be abstract in spite of very high tariffs.
    – There are a lot of dust (provide eye drops for eyes and a rehydrating the nose and throat). Some people put masks. Plan a scarf.
    – Flights from Lukla are subject to weather conditions. Thank you for allowing sufficient time to return because it happens that the airport is closed for several days straight (5 days) because of bad weather.

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