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  • Mountain Flight, Bicycle Tour, Motorbike Tour

    Mountain flights are a very convenient way of exploring the Nepalese Himalayan peaks without the hardship associated with treks and mountain climbs. All the domestic airlines offer various forms of mountain flights. Most mountain flights are done in the mornings and during all seasons except in the rainy season of June and July. Now mountain flights also take off for all the Himalayan ranges and also beyond to Mt. Kailash and the Mansarover Lake in western Tibet.
    Other forms of mountain flights are also catching up. Ballooning and ultra-and micro-lites provide such soaring flights. They offer spectacular views of the Himalayan panorama around Katmandu Valley and Pokhara.
    Mountain biking is a fast way to see rural Nepal . The Villages are quaint and you will see the Nepalese peoples as they are. You can ride through rice fields, bike to the Terai towns or test your mountain biking skills by traveling with your bike. The Mountain baking possibilities and streets are endless in Nepal. There are many mountain mud tracks that have created a paradise for the action biker.

    Honey Hunting, Gurung

    From thousands of ears ago, indiginous people Gurung of thes resons are accustomed in cliff honey hunting. No doubt, out heart tremble on viewing the unbelievable scene of honey hunting run at the cliff of height 200 meters only in the support of home made traditional ladder made up of Niyalo and Rope of CHoya. October / November and May / June are two probable periods of Honey Hunting in a year.

    Rafting in Nepal

    Nepal is one of the best places in the world for river rafting. Numerous fine rivers offer excellent opportunities for rafting, canoeing and simply immersing oneself in the magnificent landscape. Nepal’s thundering waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalayan, provide unmatched thrills.
    No other country has such a choice of trips on wild rivers with warm water, a subtropical climate and white sand beaches.
    Truly, this could be the highlight of your lifetime. The beautiful rivers surrounded by the mountain scenery, flora and fauna and the unique cultural heritage of the local people, make Nepal an obvious river runner’s destination.

    Rock Climbing

    Nepal offers some really terrific places for people who like crawling up vertical cliffs with the help of their gingernails. If you don’t have time to take on some Himalayan Peak during this visit, the valley perimeter offers a number of stone walls guaranteed to keep you on your toes. So, instead of hanging around gathering moss, why not try your hand at rock climbing and get a grip on things?

    Rock Climbing Sites
    Nagarjun also known as the Jamacho is the forested hill which lies to the northwest of the Swayambhunnath Stupa. The climbing cliff here is located inside the Royal Forest and is suitable for both beginners and regulars. The limestone face is about 12 meters high, and there are several piton-equipped routes. To get there, take a taxi to Balaju (3 km from downtown Kathmandu) and then walk to the park entrance. From the gate, follow the dirt road to a point just before the army checkpost where you will come across a track leading to the right. Follow this trail through trees and shrubs for about five minutes, and there’s the cliff.
    Another interesting rock wall is situated on the slope of Shivapuri hill to the north of Kathmandu .The granite faces here lie scattered about, and the big cliff in the center is equipped with a single route .To get there, go by taxi or bus to Budhailkantha (9km),the shrine of the sleeping Bishnu, then walk west from the bus stop the Bishnumati stream through terraced fields and enters the Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife reserve. The cliffs can be seen from a distance, so you won’t have much difficulty finding the place. Pasang Lhamu Semi-indoor Rock Climbing site.

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